The most dangerous position on the car and the signs need attention!

On a car, which is the safest place? We often hear that it is the seat behind the driver and the driver's side seat is considered the most dangerous.

In reality, however, there are big differences between the 7-seater and the 5-seater.

Many people assume that the seat behind the driver's seat is the safest place. For this reason, we often see a lot of big bosses or important people choose this position when sitting in the car.

But it is not.
On the car, the safest place is the driver's position, because once the car appears any problem, the life of all the people on the car is not guaranteed. . The airbags around the steering wheel are always the best.

Similarly, some people say that the least secure place on the car is the driver's seat (next to the driver's seat). Actually not so.

The position in the middle of the back seat is said to be the "seat of death" (seat number 3 as the avatar).

Because once a collision occurs, there is no barrier in front of the seat, anything can be straight in the face or the person sitting in this position can be flown out.

Also, on many carriages, the middle seat of the back seat does not have a headrest pillow so it is not good for the back and neck protection.
The most dangerous position on the car and the signs if you see, should pay close attention!

In addition to the middle position of the back seat, where is the second least safe place on the car? The answer is still not the driver's seat, but the seat behind the steering wheel.

Because this location is on the right side of the driver's side, the right side is usually the one with the biggest blind spot, it is easy to crash like a collision with another vehicle.

Today, many people like to buy big cars, 7-seat cars become the choice of many customers because of the large area, more seats, a trip can carry the whole family.

Considering the safety of a 7 seat car, the third row seat is less safe.

The reason is that on the 3rd row seat design, this is a possible position or maybe not, so there is no airbag around the seat, no cushion, no pillow, There is no firm seat (removable, foldable).

If there are situations in the driving process, pay close attention:

- If the brake lights / brakes suddenly light, it is likely that the brakes of the car too thin or the phenomenon of loss of oil pressure occurs because the steering system leaks or the brake oil level is too low.

These factors can affect the braking performance, potentially leading to very high safety hazards, should immediately stop the inspection and take appropriate measures.

- When the water temperature in the car is too high, it will instruct the lights to turn on automatically.

If the temperature of the coolant in the car is too high, the driver needs to stop the car, otherwise, in severe condition, the steering ring will cause the buffer between the lid and the body to blown, leading to Water phenomena and, although intertwined, damage the engine.
The most dangerous position on the car and the signs if you see, should pay close attention!

Coolant temperature indicator lights up.

- The brake pedal is brake pedal, but the braking effect does not work. The safest way possible by braking system is certainly to have problems.

- In the process of driving, if the steering wheel suddenly becomes heavy, when the direction of rotation is marked resistance, after steering the steering wheel does not automatically return to the center, Lubrication and lubrication trouble ...

Older drivers will immediately understand that the inlet filter is dirty and the air in the car is insufficient.

These signs allege us the abnormality of the car in the process of circulation. The driver should really pay attention to the best safe handling measures.