Bentley wins in 2016 thanks to the success of the super-Bentayga SUV

In the year 2016, Bentley sold a total of 11,023 vehicles globally with great contributions from the super SUV to Bentayga.

Bentayga, one of the Bentley models, has the most paper-consuming media coverage. This super SUV is a production version of the Bentley EXP 9F Concept was first debuted at the Geneva show 2012. After this event, EXP 9F Concept has been a lot of people disdain the appearance Bentley replaced change the design of the car.

Bentley Bentley is back in the US for $ 229,100 in the United States. At the time, Bentley Bentley was the most expensive SUV in the US market. Many people find Bentley Bentley too expensive and unlikely to succeed.

Bentley wins in 2016 thanks to the success of the super SUV Bentayga - Photo 1.
Bentayga is Bentley's "genius" in 2016.
However, contrary to these doubts, Bentley Bentayga has been a huge success in the global market. Even Bentayga's success has helped Bentley win big in sales in 2016.

According to Bentley, in 2016, it achieved record sales of 11,023 units sold worldwide. This is the fourth consecutive year Bentley has grown in sales. Compared with 2015, Bentley's sales rose 9%.

In 2016, Bentley's largest market continues to be the United States with 2,792 new found owners, slightly down from 2,864 in 2015. However, US car sales still account for 25% of the total. Bentley's global sales. Bentayga was only sold in the US market in the second half of last year but quickly helped Bentley revive sales.

Meanwhile, Bentley's sales in both the UK and European markets also increased compared to 2015 thanks to Bentayga. In 2016, Bentley's sales in Europe increased 56% to 2,676 units sold. The corresponding figure in the UK market is 1,692 units, a significant increase from 1,475 units in 2015.

Next is the Middle East market with sales of 1,274 units and China with 1,595 vehicles. In the Chinese market alone, Bentley's sales have fallen slightly. The corresponding figures in Japan and Korea are 606 units, down from 2015. Finally, the Asia-Pacific market with 423 Bentley units sold.